William Becker House

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The William Becker House

  • 1866 Beers map does not show a house
  • ~1896 this Gothic Revival style house was built. It is thought to be similar to 1713 Helderberg Trail, which is said to have been built in 1896, perhaps by the same builder, Charles Wolford.
  • 1890´s it was owned by William Becker. He operated the flour mill, and kept the horses and wagons in the stables. The stables were on the back part of the barn and have since been removed. The house was said to be the first in the area to have indoor plumbing. It used a water ram. This device pumped water from the mill dam to the second story of the house. This predated the installation of electricity ca. 1928 in the hamlet.
  • 1923 the house was sold by Sanford Shultes to Weidman Merselis and his wife Eliza. In 1932 Peter and Sarah (Weidman) Bassler purchased the house from them for $4200. The front stoop was originally two-stories with a door downstairs and up. Peter changed it to how it looks today. They lived in the house until their deaths, when Sarah, who died in 2001
  • 2002Peter left it to their son Fred.
  • Peter sold to his daughter Debra and her husband Haytham Bajouwa.