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From Karen Clayton: Is this the Dyer Blacksmith shop? I am in touch with Alton Scott Rowe (in his late 80's, living in St. Pete, FL) whose grandmother was Jennie Hungerford Dyer - and Jennie was married to Winfield Scott Dyer who operated a blacksmith shop on what is now Rt. 443.

Hi Karen - I'm Not sure. Maybe Hal Miller would know. E-mail him at I;m sure he can point you in the right direction if he doesn't know.

Russ 23:52, 9 February 2009 (UTC)


Karen- I am 99.9% certain that this image is mislabeled, and should read "northeast corner of Knox." My greatgrandmother's farmhouse (which still stands on Bozenkill Rd.) was located on what is labeled lot 797, T & J Tarepenning (Teunis and Jacob, FYI); I have the original lease from 1804 which divides the lot of Jacob Tarepenning into eastern and western halves, the western half going to Barent Lewis, and eventually to my great grandfather, Orville Van Buren. Whats really interesting is to look at the modern property maps and be able to see how the property lines drawn in 1787 are still (in many cases) intact!

You can see on the map that the Bozen Kill is labeled and would not appear on a map of the Northwest corner of Knox. Also, if you reference the 1877 sketch of the Cockburn map, you can see the lot numbers coincide with the numbers in the northeast portion of Knox.

So, to answer your question, no, unfortunatly this map is not the northwest corner of Berne, and wouldn't show that part of Rte 443.

Jeremy Rue