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Hello, all.

New to genealogy, I am having a wonderful time with and the help of an Altamont family member who's WAY ahead of me in this endeavor!

My connection to the Berne area comes through my father's mother, Leah Bernice Hungerford (daughter of Luther David Hungerford m. Camille Strevell). The Hungerford farm passed through several generations' hands, I'm told.

I am descended from this Hungerford line as well as one of the many Van Zandt lines in and around Albany which I attempt to cite below:

My father: John Hungerford "Jack" Van Zandt (1923-1995) (Altamont, Delmar)m. Virginia E. Arnold

My uncle: William Kirby Van Zandt, Jr. (1919-1942)(Altamont, Delmar)

My grandfather: William Kirby Van Zandt m. Leah Bernice Hungerford (she was borne in East Berne). The Hungerford Farm passed through several generations.

My great grandfather: William Garrett (or Gerrit) Van Zandt, Guilderland/Albany, m. unknown first marriage; Dena Dorr, second marriage.

My great, great grandfather: Thomas Kirby Van Zandt (1814-1886), Albany artist. m. unknown, possibly Frances J. McCullough.

I am looking for the name of William Garrett Van Zandt's first wife and any information about Thomas Kirby Van Zandt's marriage(s) and would welcome your assistance.

On my grandmother Leah Bernice Hungerford's side - her father was Luther D. Hungerford who married Camille Strevell. Camille had three children and died in 1919. Luther married again, Ella Kay Hungerford. It is this couple that is mentioned in many "Village Notes" of the Altamont Enterprise.