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I received an e-mail about one of the postcards you posted (comments of it below). She was also inquiring if you have any others.

I think the Indian Ladders were near or close to the spot of the picture. One ladder being wooden and deemed too risky for the ladies, the other had iron bars/rods both secured in the cliff so you had to climb climb clinging against the cliff and it wasn't easy as a small youngster(or for an adult). We also "ran" the trails and explored the caves where either a Tory or an Indian used to hide. Do you know if any of this is possible any more? No railings then, no construction; you went where you wanted to. Some trails pretty narrow and of course no directions, but you could put in a whole afternoon exploring and that was pretty neat. Russ 12:32, 26 January 2009 (UTC)

I have no more cards, but am working with the Knox Historical Society to get access to some of their cards. I will upload them when I can. John Elberfeld (JElberfeld@AOL.COM)

Thanks I will let the person know. Thanks for your contributions Russ 15:09, 26 January 2009 (UTC)

Hi John, You can move your biographies yourself after you enter them with the move tab if you want. Just move them to Last name, first name after entering them. (They need to be entered first then last as you are doing still though so the links work.)