Turner Burial Ground

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Turner Cemetery


The Turner Burial Ground is located on West Mountain within the boundaries of the Partridge Run NYS Wildlife Management Area on Bradt Hill Rd. From the intersection of High Point Road, it is .25 miles south of Zuks Corners on the east side of the road.


100 by 140 feet surrounded by a stone wall in fair condition. This cemetery was restored in 2003 as part of Berne Heritage Days. It is mowed regularly by the Town of Berne. The stone wall was repaired in the summer of 2009 by the Town. The front stone wall was rebuilt in the summer of 2010.


In the southwest corner of Lot 468. It is named after George Turner (1783-1833) who emigrated from England and settled on West Mountain in 1832. The earliest known burial was 1812; last was 1937. It seems to have been a community burying ground from the beginning, as there are many different names of early farming families who lived in the immediate vicinity.

Records in the Berne Town Hall.

Transcription of stones

The Berne Historical Project site has posted transcriptions and photos of 88 stones from this cemetery.



Rebuilt stonewall, 2010