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"Then and Now" is a series of images of buildings and locations in the Hilltowns comparing and old photo with a current image of the same scene; ideally taken from the exact same spot - but then how often is life ideal?

Kushuqua Hotel ca. 19??
Kushuqua Hotel 2009
Eric Chamberlain

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There is now a separate page for each town: [ Berne ] [ Knox ] [ Westerlo ] [ Rensselaerville ]

I am thinking this would also be a great idea for a book!

Everyone is urged to contribute. Click here for "Instructions for posting Then and Now images" Here are some more "Then" photos from various sources, including the Berne Historical Society, that might be suitable of accompanying "Now" photos. In some cases the buildings are gone, but in which case a "Now" photo of the site makes a strong statement about the loss of our heritage.