The Philo Bradley House

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Lot 523 Address: 519 Willsie Road
This was the birthplace of Supreme Court Justice Joseph Bradley

  • ~1812 when Philo Bradley married he leased the southwest quarter of Lot 523. Bradley was born in Connecticut, and his father had settled near Reidsville in 1794. Philo Bradley probably built the original small, frame house.
  • 1816 his son Joseph Bradley (1813-1892), who was to become a Supreme Court Justice, was born.
  • < 1866 Charles D. Bradley inherited his father’s farm, and was living there in 1866.
  • 1866 Beers map shows C. D. Bradley on Lot 523.
  • 1940's Lothar Von Haugg owned the Philo Bradley House. He was a cabinetmaker and carpenter and made extensive additions and enlargements to the old house. As a consequence perhaps nothing of the original house is visible.
  • Current owner: Richard and Ruth Van Haugg. Richard is Lothar's son.