The Abram J. Warner House

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Warner homes
  • 1849 this large house was built by Abram J. and Mary Osterhout Warner next to the home of his parents Jacob C. Warner and Margaretha Batcher, who lived in The Christopher Warner House on Lot 603. The wood was from their woodlot and sawn at their saw mill on the farm.The saw mill was located on the creek north of the house.
  • 1866 Beers map of Berne: A. Warner Abram J. Warner
  • 1889 the house passed to the youngest of their four sons, Elias Warner and his wife, Lucy Gallup. They continued to farming Windemere Farm. During the summer months they slept in the attic space over the kitchen, and took in boarders. The “kitchen chamber” was reached by backstairs from the kitchen, thus meals could be prepared without disturbing the guests. Lucy Gallup Warner died in 1892, leaving Elias and two daughters Grace and Lucy. Lucy and her husband Harold Hinman, built a summerhouse on the land and Grace and her husband Zebadiah Strevell moved into the house with Elias.
  • 1912 Grace and Zebadiah built two rows of rooms called the bungalows to accommodate the over-flow of boarders. Grace did all the cleaning and cooking, serving family style meals in “the Big House.”
  • 1938 they separated the bungalows, dismantled the barns,and using the wood from both made four three-room cottages. Meanwhile, their only daughter, Helen, and her husband, Chester Hochstrasser, built a summerhouse on the land. Sometime after Zeb's death in 1942, Grace stopped taking in boarders.
  • 1950 Helen and Chester moved into the Big House with Grace; Chester had his dental practice in the building that was once used by Zeb Strevell as a shop.
  • 1954 In a storm, the Big House was struck by lightning. The results of the ensuing fire are still seen in the charred wood of the hand-hewn beams in the kitchen chamber.
  • 1985 after Helen's death their summerhouse passed to their elder daughter Nancy Lichliter; the big house and Windemere Farm passed to their younger daughter, Harriet.
  • 1990 upon Harriet Hochstasser's death she left the Big House and land to her second cousin Susan, and her husband Alan Rockmore. They have done extensive renovations on the Big House and cotteges. The Helderberg blue stone, which once formed the basement floor was used for walkways around the house. The hand-hewn posts were exposed as well as the chimney which runs through the living room, dining room and bedroom. During the summer months all of the cottages but one are occupied by descendants of Christopher Warner. The other camp is occupied by the grandson of a former Big House boarder.