South Berne

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South Berne


Berne is a hamlet near the south town line bordering Westerlo.


From the History of the County of Albany, 1886:

This village is on the site of the mill property of Asa Culver. It has a population of 60 [in 1886]. Previous to 1825 the place held the name of Centerville from its being equi-distant from three of the larger villages. It is now locally known as Mud Hollow (Mud Hole) from the swampy nature of the soil south of the village.

In 1817 John P. Snyder entered into the grocery business here, and Daniel Lounsberry assumed the occupation of a tanner and currier.

In 1822 Alexander McKinley, a wagon-maker, opened a tavern. He kept a trained bear and moose, and life-sized wax figures of noted criminals, which he exhibited from place to place.

Zebulon Holdridge in 1825 carried on blacksmithing, and Ebenezer Denison a general grocery store and ashery.

In 1896 there were 2 churches, 2 blacksmith shops, a grist-mill, a saw-mill, 2 stores (Henry H. Lawson and James Babcock, respectively), a carding and clothing mill, and a wheelright and paint shop.



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