Settle's Store

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Settle's Store
  • 1812 - Johan Jost Dietz, who lived on a large farm half way between Berne and West Berne, opened a store on his property in 1812 and went into partnership with Jacob Settle. This store presumably was out of business before 1825.[1]
  • 1817 - Jacob Settle Sr. built his own store just south of the bridge in Berne. The J. Settle Store had a meeting room upstairs.
  • 1832 - Upon the death of Jacob Sr., his son, Jacob Jr., took over the business.
  • 1850 - Jacob Jr.'s sons Edwin, Charles and Theodore were clerks in the store, as was Jacob’s brother Peter.
  • 1866 Beers map of Berne - Charles was living across the street from the store, and his father, Jacob, was up the street in a house just before the intersection.
  • 1870 - Charles H. Settle (son of Jacob) was the proprietor of the J. Settle Store. He sold groceries, dry goods, crockery, hardware, paints, oils, dye stuffs, clothing, hats, caps, boots, shoes, rubbers, glassware, seed, drugs, medicine, etc.[2]
  • <1880 Charles’ brother Theodore had taken over the store and lived in the house across from the store. Theodore operated the store for over three decades retiring before 1925.
  • 1900 - The hall above the store was leased to the Berne Lodge for their Masonic Temple. They continued to use it until 1919 when they moved to the new Maccabees Lodge, which is now owned by the Masons.
  • 1950s - Ralph Barton operated a grocery store in Settle’s Store.
  • <1975 - Paul Empie’s Market.
  • 1990s - Operated as Settlers Store by ….,
  • now - Berne Food Store and Deli operated by Colleen Kempler and Liberty LiVecchi.

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