Rensselaerville during the Civil War

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Civil War Monument

Civil War Monuement, Rensselaerville Cemetery; photo by Janet Haseley, 2008

Janet Haseley, Research Chair, Town of Rensselaerville Historical Society, wrote an article on the Civil War monument in the Rensselaerville cemetery for the Town of Rensselaerville newsletter. It includes a list of the men from Rensslaerville who died as a result of the CW. Realize that these were men who died. There were others, of course, who survived.

Rensselaerville Men who joined the Union Army

We are trying to collect information for a book on Hilltown men who were in the Civil War. The information is being posted here in their biographies in preparation for writing the book. While we have volunteers adding information little by little, it will still only be what information they can glean from public records. We are encouraging family researchers to post additional information on each of these men: photographs, obituaries, copies of letters home, pictures of headstones, memorabilia, etc. We hope to publish the book in 2011, the 150th anniversary of the start for the war.

Most of theses biographies are quite basic. We hope that if you know something more about one of these men, you will take an active interest in this project and update his biography to better reflect his life and death.

Please add a name below in alphabetical order. To do so, first register then sign in. You will see an Edit tab to the right. Click on it and enter a name in the sample format shown below. Go the bottom of this page and click Show Preview. The name should then appear in red. If it looks OK, go to the bottom of the page again and click on Save Page. If you click on the name you can then add a biography. You need not write a biography to add a name to the list.

We would like to start a biography for each of these people with the basic data about their military service and anything else you care to add under one or more of the following categories as appropriate:

  • Photo
  • Birth (date, place, parents)
  • Education
  • Military Service
  • Marriage and Children
  • Occupation
  • Death (date and burial)
  • Other Media (newspaper articles, service papers, obituary, etc.)
  • Gallery (photos)

Click on Instructions for Entering Service Personnel for additional help.

Most of the men who died in the CW are on the Rensselaerville Civil War monument<br.>

Rensselaerville Men in the Civil War

Bell, William H. was from Berne, although he signed up in Rensselarville.
Griffen, Reed Burret from Westerlo. Belinda E., widow 1890 in Rensselaerville.