Rensselaerville Pilot Scanning Project

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Photo Courtesy Rensselaerville Historical Society

The records

In addition to original historical documents, the Rensselaerville Historical Society has 52 “Genealogy books”, 12 “Cemetery books” and 7 “Deeds and Leases books” that were created started some 40 years ago and which are regularly updated by volunteers as circumstances change and new information become known. They are only available to researchers at the unheated Rensselaerville Grist Mill during the warmer months.


That the "books" in the grist mill, whether handwritten or typed, be scanned and the image posted on the Helderberg Hilltowns (AH) wiki site without retyping.


The advantages of posting the scanned images on line are:

  • Access to the records year around.
  • Anyone with access to a computer can view the records without a trip to Rensselaerville, or alternatively, having to ask a researcher at the site for information.
  • Volunteers from across the country can transcribe the records from images posted on the Hilltown site and add the cross indexing of key words.
  • Cross indexing will allow the land and cemetery records to be linked to the family records, and vice versa.


  • RHS volunteers will put a file code on each page so that uploaded images can be put on line in the correct order.
  • A photocopy will be made of each original page.
  • The photocopies will be sent out for scanning. For this pilot project the photocopies will go to a volunteer who has access to an automatic high speed scanner.
  • The scanned images will be put on CDs.
  • The photocopies will be returned to the RHS and stored in a separate building as a backup for the original "Books".
  • Volunteers to upload the scanned images have been solicited from the more than 200 members of the Helderberg Hilltowns history and genealogy Facebook group.
  • The CDs will be mailed to the volunteers who will upload the images to the AH wiki site and put them in "Gallery" corresponding to the original "Books".
  • Volunteers will be solicited to transcribe the images and add index links.