Rensselaerville District School No. 08

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There were two Rensselaerville District School No. 8 schools. The first was situated on Lot 249 in the hamlet of Rensselaerville. The original structure was built between 1801-1806 on land given to the hamlet by Stephen Van Rensselaer III from that previously leased to Hans Winegar. In 1830, It was torn down and replaced by a brick building. It was later converted into a residence after 1900.[1].

There was also a District 8 school known as "Pucker Street School" on Lot 21. It was later moved and added to the house on the property of Osee Mulbury. It burned in 1960.[1]

  • 1904-05 The school was listed as a joint district with Schoharie County.
  • 1920-21 District #8 was not under the jurisdiction of the District Superintendent.

Known Teachers


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