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Process to scan RHS documents with Epson Perfection V300 Photo


  • Before beginning to scan, number each page in the notebook (example: GA-1 Adams) means the blue genealogy book A, page 1, surname Adams. Pages in notebooks are already labeled with the surname in the top right hand corner. All you have to do is to add the G (for genealogy) and the A for the book name and the 1 for the page number.
  • You can find a list of the surnames in each looseleaf notebook on the first page of that notebook. These can form the basis of a list of keywords.
  • Each page will be titled with a distinctive name and saved in a separate file. Label each file with the page number. The name of the file you saved previously will show in the File Name box. All you have to do when you scan a new page is to change the page number in the name of the file because the file and the surname will be the same until you change to a different surname.
  • When you start the scan process a screen labeled File Save Settings will come up. This has boxes for Location, File Name, and Image Format.
  • In the Location box, select Other. Browse the computer to where you have put the folder you want to save your first file in and click on it. The name of the folder will show next to the word Other.
  • The File Name box has a place for Start Number. The program will automatically add the next number when you scan another document. When you scan, put the name of the book and page number and surname in front of the automatically-added number. Example: You scan Adams page 15 and it is the ninth page you have scanned. The program adds 009. You want the name to be Adams and the page to be 15, so you title the new scan GA-15 Adams. The program adds 009 so the final name of the document is GA-15 Adams 009. (It will be easier to read if you leave a space between the surname and the automatically-added number as in this example.) We won’t need the automatically-added number but the program adds it. If you type the space in it will be there ready for the next page number to be typed by you.
  • Select JPEG for Image Format. It should be the default. Don’t change the settings of Options.
  • Leave the other settings as the default unless you need to overwrite a document, in which case you can check the Overwrite Any Files With The Same Name. Uncheck this box when you are finished with any overwrite as a precaution in case you forget to give a new name to a file you have just scanned.

Begin to scan

Push power button on scanner (bottom right button).

  • On computer, click All Programs, Epson, Epson Scan.
  • Select Office Mode in top right corner (Mode). This allows previews which the Full Auto Mode does not.
  • Choose Greyscale.
  • Since we are scanning documents rather than photos, choose 96 dpi for resolution. This should be OK for most pages and will take less space on the computer hard drive. If preview later shows the type is fuzzy and not clear to read, go back and change resolution to 150 or 200 or more as needed. (Photos need to be scanned at 300 dpi or more.)
  • Put the document in the scanner face down with the top of the document towards the front of the scanner.
  • Click Preview. If part of the page does not show in the preview, reposition the page in the scanner and click Preview again.
  • If the image looks OK, click Scan.
  • File Save Settings will come on the screen. If settings, including the name of the file, are OK, click OK and the program will scan the document.
  • Picture Printing Screen will come on the screen. If you don’t want to print the scanned document, just put your next document in the scanner and follow above directions


  • If you want to print the document to be sure it is readable, click Print This Picture on the Picture Printing Screen. Printing Options will come on the screen with Fax as default. Use down arrow to scroll to the printer that is connected to the computer and click on it.
  • The Photo Printing Wizard will come on the computer screen. Click Next.
  • Available Layouts will come on the screen. Select which layout you want to have printed. I usually select Full Page Fax Print Centered and Rotated to Fit. Click Next.
  • Completing the Photo Printing Wizard will come on the screen. Click Finish.