Quackenbush Farm Burying Ground

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On the old Quackenbush farm on the road leading east from Lee's Church, and about 1000 feet north of the barn along an old stone wall fence.


This graveyard is enclosed by a low stone wall fence. Fourteen stones are visible, nine which are common field stones, four of them adults and five of them are children. The following have white stones:

  • Jacob Quackenbush, died February 3, 1823 in his 60th year
  • Mary, his wife, died January 7, 1836 aged 82 years. Erected by Michael Lee and Jane *Quackenbush. She was a daughter of Michael Lainhart of Dunnsville.
  • Jacob Quackenbush, died June 17, 1843 aged 45 years
  • John Quackenbush, died December 6, 1830 aged 39 years, 3 months and 13 days
  • Mary Ann, wife of Jacob Achampaugh, died December 6, 1844 aged 26 years, 1 month and 25 days

From the records of early burial places on the farms in the town of Knox, N.Y. Compiled by WILLIAM A. BRINKMAN, HISTORIAN, Town of Guilderland, Altamont NY RD1, 1940.