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The Miller District was the Rensselaerville District School No. 12 school located in Preston Hollow on Teeter Hill off Kenyon Rd. The 1854 Map shows several Miller names in the area and likely how it got its name. This school also was known as the "Roney District". It consolidated in 1954, contracting with Middleburgh Central School.[1].

Known Teachers

Teachers known to have taught at this school were: Edna Mackey, Grace Goff, Mrs. Fancher, Osee Mulbury, Irving Gates, Gertrude Lewis, Linda Pemberton, Manley J. Boughton, Walter Craw, Orra Mallory, Ambrose Craw, Mabel Rivenburg, Anna Wheeler, Oseita Altomare, Elisie Koch, Augire Talericoad and a Miss Maron.


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