Mathias Shultes Barn

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photo by Allan Dietz


This New World Dutch barn was probably built at the end of the 18th century, maybe before the Rev. War.


It is on Lot 575 which was an irregular shaped lot settled originally by Matthias Shultes b. 1740. The buildings were on the grid of Lot 576. The 1866 Beers map shows P. Shultes in grid 576. That would be [[Paul I. Schultes, son of Adam Shultes b. 1781, and grandson of Mathias.

Construction Details

Marriage marks on the H-frames and 9 ft. sway braces from the purlin plates to the H-frame posts indicate an early barn. Originally a four bay barn, a long bay attached to the back west end provided for additional hay storage. The barn is 42ft. wide and 60ft. long.(like the other nearby Shultes barns, also the nearby Jacob Post Barn and Adam Dietz Jr.Dutch Barn on Lot 519. The Johan Jost Dietz Barn is nearby, but more of a traditional square Dutch barn. Anchorbeams of the Mathias Shultes barn are 14" -15" deep and 8"-9" wide. Posts are 10" x 10" square.The center threshing aisle is 24ft. wide. The first floor has been greatly altered with a concrete floor and rows of metal stanchions probably in the 1960s to milk a large dairy herd. Tenons are square at end, and some extend 13" beyond the post. Scribe rule type of construction was used. The builder used marks on bent parts before raising H-frames, much like was done at the nearby Glenn Paris barn. Siding has been replaced and painted green. A tin roof, very common now, protect the barn from leaks.Original roof was of shingles.



Duncan Searl. Now called "Spring Farm". There are several outbuildings (once had a hop house), and a grand large house with a small, old back section of 18th century vintage. Beautiful landscape. All is well maintained.

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Research by Allan Dietz.