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Berne Hotel

The Old Berne Hotel, Austin Mattice, Proprietor, was also known as the Lower Hotel. It was located at the intersection of Rte. 443 (old route 43) and Rte. 156 from Knox.

In the mid 20th Century Franklyn and Esther Shultes moved their treasure trove of merchandise from across the road into the what had been the old hotel.It had them much more room. Franklyn also sold insurance to the residents of the town.

A long gone back wing was a two story addition. The lower level provided parking and cover for about three horse and carriages. There was a dance hall upstairs where residents could trip the light fantastic. It was also used as a theater for plays.

At one time there were posters mounted on the walls heralding the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Frances Miller, (95 in 2015), remembers going there when she was a younger.

When the Shultes store closed the building was remodeled into an apartment house.

The building served as a sort of STOP sign - warning truckers of a sharp curve ahead where Routes 153 and 443 intersected. Really long trucks coming from the west could not make the curve. and not infrequently struck the front corner of the building while trying. Vehicles going to fast from the east on 443 were in danger of running into the back corner of the building, andd they sometimes did.

It was abandoned in the early years of the 21st Century and torn down as a road hazard in 2015.