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portion of 1787 survey map by Wm. Cockburn for Van Rensselaer

Lot 564 is half way between the present day hamlet of Berne and East Berne and is bisected by the Helderberg Trail.

Warner's Sawmill

  • 1765 Mathias Warner, whose father Christopher was one of the original settlers in Schoharie, settled as a squatter in Berne before circa 1765. He built a sawmill on the Foxenkill just south of the intersection of Turner Road and Helderberg Trail and lived near it. By 1787 the mill was being operated by his son Johannes Warner and the Zeh family.
  • 1787 survey says: "This is a Middling good Lot, Well Watered by the foxen Kill on which is a fine Saw Mill, with a gang of Saws. The Werners & See's Zehs are the Chief proprietors of it. Chiefly Pine & Oak Timber." The 1787 survey map shows a sawmill on the western edge of the 71 acre lot, on the northeast bank of Fox Creek. The lots irregular shape means that it settled before the 1787 survey. The Zeh's live on adjoining lots 584 and 565; the Warners on 565 and 585.
  • 1866 Beers map shows an F & S Mill on the site of Warner's Mill. That would be a Feed and Saw Mill.

Zion Lutheran Church

  • 1797 Van Rensselaer survey book says: "Lot 564 Cont'g 71 Acres - Lutheran High Dutch Church at the Beaver Dam in the Town of Rensselaer Ville in the County of Albany - Christian Zeh, Frederick Warner & C. Zandt Christian Sand Trustees - deed dated 27th July 1797 Usual Conditions." The sawmill and Church were on opposite sides of the same lot. The frame church on the eastern side of the lot was about 40 by 50 feet with galleries on three sides. The Rev. Heinrich Ludolph Sparck was the first settled pastor of the church. He leased Lot 563 adjoining lot 564 to the west. *1835, after a new brick church called St. Paul's Lutheran Church was constructed built in the hamlet of Berne, the old building appears to have been used for a couple of more years.

Pine Grove Cemetery

  • < 1777, behind where the German Lutheran Church of Beaver Dam was constructed about 1795, was a family burying ground for the Zeh, Ball and Warner families. The earliest stone that can be read is 1777. After the construction of the Lutheran church it became the church cemetery.
  • 1781 last burials.
  • It is now called the Pine Grove Cemetery.

Directions in the Dutch Settlers Society Burying Ground Inscriptions, May 19, 1935 - "along road from East Berne to Berne 1.4 miles, burying ground on left hand side in pine grove. Several bodies have been removed. Site of old Lutheran Church." Pine Grove Cemetery

Historic Homes

The Johannes Zeh House
The Henry Ostrum House
The Henry Zeh House: 1146 Helderberg Trail
The Christopher Zeh House: 1136 Helderberg Trail
The Giles Gallup House: 1105 Helderberg Trail