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For the location of this lot click on 1787 map of Berne.


  • 1787 – Wm. Cockburn survey map shows this as a vacant half mile square lot of ~160 sq. acres. lot[1]


  • 1791 Adams, Oliver leased this lot.[2]
  • 1832 Peter Turner (1765-1839) s/o Reginald leased this lot.[2]
  • 21 Feb 1820 Registered 6 Mar 1820 Mortgage Book 20 page 288 James Furman and Esther his wife ... sum of $100... have mortgaged all that certain farm piece or parcel of land situe lying and being in the town of Bern County of Albany and within the manor of Rensselaerwyck, being the South West Corner of a Lot know and distinguished as Lot number 444 and subject to the propositions of yearly rents convenants and conditions contained in a writing of conveyance executed by Stephen Van Rensselaer Esq. proportion of the soil to Henry Willsey Junr. bearing date Nov 20 One thousand seven hundred and ninety five (1795) and bounded now or formerly on the north by the land of John P. Ball on the west by the farm of Wm Lendrum on the South by land of Wm Swart and Easterly by the land of John Furguson and contains 33 acres of land being a piece of land conveyed by John Furman to James Furman by a certain indenture bearing the date the 18 day of April 1818 .... (incomplete)
  • 1840 Turner heirs, Paul White & Rodney Wilber leased this lot.[2]
  • 1854 map of Berne from north to south along the west side of Bradt Hollow Rd. shows P. Becker, A. Kline, a vacant house and then J. Snyder.
  • 1866 Beers map from north to south on the west side of Bradt Hollow Rd. shows a vacant where P. Becker lived in 1854, then A. Clyne and A. Snyder with homes near each other.

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