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Situated on Peasley Rd in Huntersland

  • December 29, 1791 - Conveyed to Stephen Allen by Stephen Van Rensselaer III.[1]
  • Circa 1799 - 1854 - Owned by Jeremiah Tallman
  • February 17, 1852 - Jonathan Tallman takes out mortgage on Lot 397. Van Rensselaer lease records shown Jonathan leasing this lot in 1856.
  • 1854 - [2]
  • 1856 Jonathan tallman & Henry Bell leased this lot.[3]
  • 1866 - [4]
  • March 21, 1882 - Warranty Deed - Walter S. Church to Salem M. Tallman $257.00 Lot 397 "West Half" "certain land granted and conveyed to Stephen Allen on December 29, 1791 by Stephen VanRensselaer" "North to Martin Cook; East to Anthony Nohl; South to Anthony Nohl; West to Joseph Waggon__" 77 1/2 acres
  • April 29, 1882 - Caroline (Bouton) Tallman husband Jonathan now deceased) Sold Lot #397, Berne to son Salem M Tallman for $1.00. "Same land previously owned by Jeremiah Tallman" "Lot 397 Land known as West Half" "Northwardly by the orginal north line of its said whole lot no 397 being South bounds of the lands of David Cook. Southwardly by the original south line of the said whole lot, being the north line of George Coggshalls lands Eastwardly by the east half of said lot posessed by Henry Bell and westwardly by the original west line of the same lot 397 being the east line of lands in the possession of Perter Kline family and containing about 80 acres of land as the same has been owned and posessed by the said Jeremiah Tallman for many years"
  • March 23, 1892 - Satisfaction of Mortgage of Jonathan & Caroline (Bouton) Tallman (Feberary 17, 1852) for lot 397 paid in full by Salem M. Tallman (son of Jonathan)

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