Lot 395

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Survey notes ca. 1787


For the location of this lot click on 1787 map of Berne.


162 acre square lot.[1]


  • 1787 map of Berne shows this vacant lot with a cultivated field in the NE corner but no name. Lot 418 adjoins it to the south.
  • After 1787 - Leased to Isaac Spoor according to notes in the margin of the survey for Lot 418 which survey was performed by Ira Winne.[2]
  • 1793 Nicholas Weidman leased this lot.[3]
  • 1855 Alonzo Chapman & Henry A. Van Wie leased this lot. Alonzo Chapman also had part of Lot 418 which adjoined it on the north.[3].
  • 1866 Beers map of Berne shows ...

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