Lot 374

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Survey notes ca. 1787
  • 1787 – Wm. Cockburn survey map shows this as a 155 ac. lot[1]
  • 1787 - John Ramsey had a house and small improvement on this lot.[2]
  • 1796 - Benjamin Almy (say 1765- ) leasing this lot on Huntersland Road just north of the Rensselaerville Town line.[3]
  • 1834 Leasing this lot on Rapp Road is Hix (Hicks?) and Daniel Gifford. An Obadiah Gifford was on the 1800 Berne census, but their relationship is unknown at this time.[3]
  • 1854 map of Berne shows a Tallman is living on Peasley Road; perhaps it was Richard or Jonathan Tallman who lived in the area according to the 1850 census and were probably brothers.
  • 1866 Beers map of Berne:
- E. Dalton is living on Peasley Road in the house that was occupied in 1854 by Tallman.
- A. Knowles lived on Hunters Land Road. This was probably Andrew (say 1832 - ) who after 1872 married Harriet Cook, widow of Robert Garvey who lived nearby.
- The H. Gifford living on Hunters Land Road was probably Hicks Gifford (1830- ) who was in the 1850 census with his wife Catherine.


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