Knox Cave -Altamont Enterprise September 23, 1949

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Speleologists Protest Closing of Knox Cave

The threatened closing of the entrance of Knox Cave, near Altamont, by the present owner, D. C. Robinson, has been protested by the National Speleological Society, nation-wide organization of cave explorers.

Duane Featherstonhaugh, Duanesburgh, director of the society for the New York and New England areas, said he had been notified in writing by Robinson that the latter would blast the entrance shut Oct. 1st because of “danger to the public.”

The cave, Featherstonhaugh said, is a quarter mile from the nearest road and if properly posted offers no hazard. He pointed out that there are more than 100 known caves on private property within 20 miles of Schenectady, many involving drops of 50 to 70 feet and that there is no reported case of a serious injury.

The local NSS director said the threat to close the entrance of one of the largest and most beautiful caves in the state indicated the need of a New York State law similar to that of Indiana’s which prohibits destruction of caverns and similar natural formations. It is planned, he said, to appeal to the legislature for passage of such a law in New York.

Robinson, Featherstonhaugh, said, has refused an offer under which the NSS would assume responsibility for the cave and admit only members of the society. The society normally issues such leases for $1 a year but closes the caverns and makes no attempt to operate them, commercially or to make any profit from them, it also assumes liability in the event a passerby or explorer is injured.

Altamont Enterprise September 23, 1949

Altamont Enterprise September 23, 1949