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Mrs. Christie Trtavels to India

—Mrs. Harriet Kibbee Christie, of First street, Albany, sailed last Saturday from New York on the steamer Arabic for London, there to connect with the Pacific and Oriental liner Marmora for India. Mrs. Christie will be gone about nine months. She is to do evangelistic work among the women and girls of India, under the direction of the Indian National council of the Young Women's Christian Association. Mrs. Christie also expects to visit Y. W. C. A. centers in China and Japan. She will return in the summer of 1910 to take up the work of the Young Women's Summer Camp at Altamont with which she has been associated for the past ten years. During her absence the work of the camp will be in charge of a committee composed of Miss Lucy E. Jones, Miss Julia Seeman, Miss Elizabeth B. DeKlyn and Mrs. Helen B. Schuyler.

Altamont Enterprise October 22, 1909