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Johann Hendrich Dietz, b. 1722 Vielbach, Westerwald (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany), s/o Johann Peter Dietz and Anna Eva Becker.[1][2][3][4]


Presumably a farmer.


Johann Hendrich Dietz probably settled in the 1740s on what would be lot no. 519 of the 1787 Van Rennselaer Rent Lease Map. He had immigrated to New York circa 1734 with his mother Anna Eva (Becker) Dietz, three brothers Adam, Johannes, William, and his sisters. His father, Johann Peter Dietz had died in 1730 in Germany. By the 1740s, these four Dietz young men had made their way to Beaver Dam through Green County and Schoharie. All four established farms in the Switzkill Valley area. John Henry's son, Peter, was first of his family to enter into a lease with the Albany Patroon. Son Adam H.Dietz Jr. next entered into a lease on 18 Dec 1790 for lot 519 of 154 acres.

Marriage & Children

1745 Nov 25, Johan Hendrick Dietz, j.m. born Germany, lived here, marr. Maria Elizabeth Eckker, j.d. born Skogharie, lived here.[5]


  • Dietz, Adam H. Jr.
  • William Dietz -b. 9 Jun 1747. He died on 20 Aug 1818 at probably, Town of Berne, Albany, NY, at age 71. He was Type: Individual in Sept 1784.
  • Christina Dietz -b. 4 Sept 1748, She married Johanis Snyder on 14 Nov 1788. She was not mentioned in her father's will.
  • Peter Dietz-b. before 12 Oct 1751. He died on 10 Sept 1777. He was also known as Capt. He lived on 12 Sept 1774 at Switzkill Valley, Beaver Dam(now Berne), Albany, NY.
  • Elizabeth Dietz-b. 23 Dec 1753. She narried George (Jurrie) Seibel, son of George Seibel and Anna Maria Reyin, circa 1770. She died after 4 Mar 1792.
  • Eva Dietz-b. before 28 Feb 1756. She married John (Johannes) Rancier, son of Andries Rancier and Agnes Franey, on 10 Feb 1784 at Schoharie Lutheran Church,Schoharie, Schoharie, NY. She died after 1820.
  • Hendrick Dietz-b. before 1 May 175b. He married Catherine Sloughter before 1793. He began military service in 1782 at Beaver Dam(now Berne), Albany, NY. He was Type: Individual on 7 Sept 1784.
  • Catherine Dietz-b. 3 )ct 1761. She married Francis Becraft, son of William Becraft and Maria (-?-), on 29 Mar 1785 at St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church, Schoharie, Schoharie, (then Albany), NY. She died on 2 Nov 1852 at Schoharie, NY, at age 91.
  • Johannes Dietz-b. 4 Feb 1763. He is mentioned in his father's will on 7 Sept 1784.
  • Margaret Dietz-b. 13 Apr 1764. She married Johannes Reinhart, son of George Frederick Reinhart and Catherine Frolich, on 23 Oct 1783 at Saint Pauls Lutheran Evangelical Lutheran Church, Schoharie, Schoharie (then Albany), NY. She died on 19 Jan 1843 at probably, Town of Berne, Albany, NY, at age 78. She was type: Individual on 7 1784.


1784 Sep 7, will, John Hendrick Dietz, mentions his wife, Elisabeth (to get half of the estate), son Adam (to get the other half), and four daughters, Elisabeth, Eva, Catherine, Margaret, and son William. Witnesses, Adam Dietz, Jost Dietz Schafer, Johannes Ecker. Estate probated 8 Oct 1785.[6]


Johann Hendrich Dietz, d. 1785 Switz Kill Valley, Beaverdam (Berne), Albany Co, NY.

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