Instructions for posting Then and Now images

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If you have some "Then and Now" photos you would like to share:

  • register
  • sign in
  • go to edit tab
  • towards the bottom of the page is the Edit panel
  • scroll down the Edit panel and until you come to the following:


{Image:Then image.jpg}|<center>{Then and date}</center>

{Image:Now image.jpg}|<center>{year, your name}</center>


  • above the top line that says <gallery> add the name of the building you are adding, (or whatever), between double equal signs, ==
  • on the line below it add a sentence or two about the building.
  • Example:

==Old Berne Fire House; now apartments==

The old Berne Fire House, built in 19?? was sold when the new Berne Fire House was built in 200? and has been converted into an apartment house.


  • click on "Upload file" in left column
  • enter the location of the file for your "Then" image
  • change the new name of the file to be uploaded so as to be briefly descriptive
  • in the blank panel, enter a description of the image, your name, date of photo and any details about the picture you would like
  • every page must have one or more Categories. For these images there are two that should be added in the panel on the last line:

[[Category:All Images]] [[Category:Buildings]]

  • click on Upload
  • copy the name of the image

Image:name of your Then image.jpg

  • go back to edit page
  • paste name of image in the first line replacing Image:{Then image.jpg} with Image:name of your Then image.jpg
  • add a caption replacing the words {Then and date} with a description of your "Then" picture and the year taken and source if known.
  • your entry should look like this:

==Name of your building==

A sentence or two saying something about the building.


Image:Name of your Then image.jpg|<center>"Then" (or year of image, and source if known)</center>

Image:{Now image.jpg}|<center>{year, your name}</center>


  • click on Preview on bottom of page to preview what the page will look like.
  • if it looks correct go again to Upload File to add the "Now" image following the instructions above
  • when you are done, Preview and Save.
  • If you need more information you can go to the editor...I mean title=Help:Contents| "Help".