Harvesting Ice

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Charlie and Milton Wright cutting ice on Helderberg Lake
  • Recollections of Homer Warner in 2004---In winter there was ice cutting on Warner's Lake, which occured right on the north end of the lake in front of our house.They had a sled of some kind, rigged up with a gas-powered buzz saw, which could be lowered down into the ice so it would cut the ice into blocks as it was pushed along the ice. The ice blocks were then moved along in channels by pike poles until they were near the shore. At the shore they had set up a raised platform that included an inclined elevator. This lifted the blocks of ice by a chain, much like a hale bale elevator works today. Power for the elevator was provided by an automobile. It had the rear end jacked up, a flat belt was run over one rear tire, and then the belt was run over a pulley at the elevator to power it. Once the ice blocks were on the platform they could be loaded into trucks.