Enos Wright House

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Enos J. Wright House, ca. 1900.
Berne Historical Society


1560 Helderberg Trail, hamlet of Berne


Enos J. Wright (1837- 1905) was a 49 year old farmer, single, and living at home when his mother died in 1885. A few months later he married 27 year old Ida Mae Schoonmaker, who had been a domestic in the home of his parents’ home for a number of years.

  • Oct. 1891 - this home was built by Charles Willsey[1] as an major addition to the small, earlier house which is now the east wing kitchen. His unmarried brother, Ethan Wright, lived with Enos until his, (Enos), death in 1902.
  • 1933 - Upon the death of his mother, Ida Mae, the farm went to their son Frank A. Wright (1888 - 1966), and his wife Luella Bassler (1890 - 1964).
  • 1966 - Upon the death of Frank A. Wright the house went to his dau. Florence Wright (1922 - 1995), wife of William Flagler (1928 - 2005).[2]
  • 1972 - Arthur G. Molle, Sr. bought the house from from Florence Flagler, the daughter of Frank Wright. He bought it with most of the contents as she did not want any of it. Bought by Arthur G. Molle, Sr.[2]
  • 2005 owner: Arthur G Molle, Jr., Trustee.


As you go up the driveway first is the one car garage, then what we call the small barn, then the big barn. In the back of the house was the chicken barn. Note there was no outhouse when we bought the house nor an indoor bath. Someone wanted the outhouse and Florence let them haul it away. The small barn was an old house that originally was in East Berne. It was relocated at some point. If you look at the main doors, you can see that a shed has been added on the left. Basically it is an old beam house with one and a half stories. The big barn has various dates written and carved in it. The chicken shed has history written all over the walls where someone wrote the date and weather like unique snow falls etc...[2]


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