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Eli Flagler was born in about 1820.[1][2] His mother appears to have been named Gitty (B. abt 1780, D. >1860) as she lived with Eli and his family in both 1850 and 1860. In addition, Eli appears to have a sister Catharine Flagler B. abt 1808 who was living with them in 1850.



Marriage & Children

Before 1850, he married a woman named Phebe (B. abt 1821, D. <1860)[1][2] and by her had the following children:


Eli lived in Westerlo, Albany county, New York in 1850 and 1860 where he owned a farm and worked as a farmer.[1][2] His mother and sister appear to have lived with his young family as they were recorded in the US Censuses. His wife Phebe appears to have died before 1860 and his mother after 1860.



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