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Oneonta College Observatory, currently the largest observatory in NYS

The historic and prestigious Dudley Observatory announced at the Helderberg Hilltowns Association organizational meeting that they are considering building an observatory in the Helderbergs. The second meeting of the HHA began with a presentation by Dudley Observatory, Schenectady, about their historic telescopes. At the present time, Dudley has no observatory; they are examining a site in the Helderbergs. With our clear, dark skies, a Helderberg Hilltowns observatory would be a major tourist attraction.

It will take years of study and approval. Light pollution from street lights and outdoor security lights is a potential problem but easily solved the towns requiring the shielding of the tops of the lights to direct the lights down. That helps all of us to better see the stars and enjoy sitting outside at night.

Potential sites

Mathias C. Warner House
  • Warners Lake Road - One of the potential sites being explored is the knoll behind the historic Mathias C. Warner House which played a prominent role in the Anti-Rent War when Mathias' grandsons were evicted in a driving rain storm. It has a NYS Historic Marker in front of the house about the Anti-Rent War.