Creating Internal Links

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Creating Internal Links

Internal links create a link to another page WITHIN the Helderberg Hilltowns site. These are mainly for people and locations, but are not limited to this. After you create a new page, the webmasters of the site go in the page and link what is needed.

If you wish to create your own interlinks, it can be helpful and take a load off the webmasters. It is NOT necessary for you to do so if you do not want to.

To create Interlinks:

  • HIGHLIGHT the word you are interlinking.
  • Then click the 'Ab' button on the editing toolbar. It looks like Button link.png

Clicking the 'Ab' button will put brackets around the word. (For example: If you highlighted the word Berne and then clicked the 'Ab' button the result would be Berne).

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interlinking link the exact word of the page you are linking to. If linking to a the page on Stephen Van Rensselaer for example, you must link to the exact name Stephen Van Rensselaer not something else link S. Van Rensselaer or S.V.R. If you do not link to the correct name, the link will not work. If linked correctly it will appear in blue after you save the page. If wrong, it will appear red.