Creating External Links

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Creating External Links

External links create a link to another page OUTSIDE the Helderberg Hilltowns site. These can be helpful to add a link to another website that has pertinent information to the page you are making or editing.

If you wish to create your own interlinks, it can be helpful and take a load off the webmasters. It is NOT necessary for you to do so if you do not want to.

To create External links:

  • Click the External Link Button Button extlink.png on the editing toolbar. The result put in the code: [ link title]
  • Change the address to the address you want to link to.
  • Then change the 'link title' text to what you want the link to say.

For example: If you are linking to the Berne Historical Project website the link would be: [ Berne Historical Project] and would appear Berne Historical Project when you save the page.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not wish to create external links you do not have to. The webmasters go in after you create a page and add interlinks and external links.