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Charles E. Deitz


Charles was born in the town of Berne, July 13, 1840, the son of Isaac Deitz (1810) and Maria Shufeldt [1]


Charles was educated in the common schools and Schoharie Academy and taught school when he was sixteen years old.[1]


After leaving the academy in 1857, he was a clerk in the store of his brother-in-law, H. Willsey in Berne. Six years after, upon the death of Mr. Willsey, he and his father purchased the store and stock and continued the business under the name of Deitz & Son. In 1873 Charles purchased his father's interest and has continued the business.[1] About 1880 he built the Charles E. Deitz House near the Berne Reformed Church.

According to Our Heritage, Charles E. Deitz was a prominent merchant in Berne for many years and sold an unbelievable variety of merchandise. In 1873 he purchased the store where the old post office used to be, just up from what was then Settle's store. (See Deitz's Store for history of building and pictures.) Deitz was the Justice of the Peace and was a postmaster until 1897. He was a postmaster at Berne for 25 years. Charles was deeply interested in religion and his sons Archibald and Raymond became ministers.[2] Charles was a Republican.

Marriage & Children

On January 23, 1867 Charles married Laura Jane Ludden, a native of Virginia, daughter of Alonzo Payson Ludden Rev. A.P.[1] Ludden and Caroline Grove and granddaughter of Col John W. Grove of Virginia.[1]

They had seven children:


Charles E. Deitz died at Berne Sunday, 7 Nov. 1920.


Published in Altamont Enterprise Friday, November 12, 1920

Charles E. Deitz Died At Berne Sunday. Well known resident was born in the Town of Berne eighty years ago. Was in business for more than sixty years as a merchant—prominent in church work and in all activities for the benefit of community. On Sunday, Nov. 7, as the church bells of the village were ringing for morning service, Charles E. Deitz, of Berne, entered into life eternal. On July 13, Mr. Deitz passed his eightieth birthday, and most of the time since has been spent in pain and weakness. Mr. Deitz’s long and useful life has been closely associated with the town of his birth, and probably no man knew more intimately the history of the country-side; and his love for the locality and the people whom he knew so well, held a large place in his life. Of a social, genial nature, with keen intelligence cultured by observation and thoughtful study, Mr. Deitz was a man of unusual and attractive personality. He enjoyed the world about him, the society of his friends, the abiding pleasure of books. His trained and accurate memory retained much to interest and in vivid phrase he told a story well; and he listened with appreciation to the story one told to him. For more than sixty years Mr. Deitz was in active life, a merchant who maintained a large business with notable success and whose name ranked high in the commercial world. In all that stood for the uplift and benefit of the community, Mr. Deitz gave loyal and generous aid. He was one who recognized the joy of service—he never refused to give help or advice, and his cheerful readiness added value to wise counsel. The Lutheran church of Berne received full measure of his consecrated service; and the ripened beauty of his Christian character was the proof of his constant faith. In the home, he was the ideal husband and father. Words would fail to express the value of his devoted life to those who knew and loved him best. Mrs. Deitz survives her husband, and the memories of more than 53 years of united happiness are her blessed possession. Six children remain: Stanton L., of Albany, Rev. A.E. Deitz, D.D., principal of Hartwick Seminary; Mrs. J.E. Hoick of Los Angeles, Cal., Miss Leona Deitz of Berne, Rev. Raymond C. Deitz of Brooklyn, and Miss Marion L. Deitz of Amityville, L.I. The eldest daughter, Mrs. E.L. Hevenor, died in October, 1919. There are also thirteen grandchildren, and one niece, Mrs. A.S. Crary, of Altamont. The funeral service on Wednesday afternoon was in the Lutheran church. Rev. W.D. Worman officiated, assisted by Dr. C.H. Traver, a former pastor. A sense of bereavement is in many homes where heartfelt sympathy is given to the family who mourn their loss, even while rejoicing in the triumph of a victorious faith.

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