Brunk Farm Burying Ground

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On the old Brunk farm, now 1932 the Ketcham farm at the head of the Indian Ladder road there are thirty graves with field stones with no inscriptions and five with inscriptions as follows:

  • Thomas Tygert, died February 10, 1825 aged 56 years
  • Elizabeth, wife of Mathews Brunk, died June 5, 1839 aged 31 years, 11 month and 13 days
  • Anna, wife of Jacob Hillman, died August 11, 1855 aged 32 years
  • Nicholas Brunk, died December 27, 1842 aged 62 years
  • Elizabeth Brunk, wife, died May 1, 1865 aged 80 years

From the records of early burial places on the farms in the town of Guilderland, N.Y. and surrounding towns compiled by WILLIAM A. BRINKMAN, HISTORIAN, Town of Guilderland, Altamont NY RD1, 1940.