Becker, Leuis Henry

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Leuis Becker


Leuis Henry Becker, was born March 3, 1854 in Berne, son of Peter Becker and Elizabeth Ann Milner. Leuis had red hair.

Marriage and Children

Leuis married Sarah E. Barton Abt 1875 and they had five children:

His wife Sarah died when their youngest son Omer was 1 yr. 3 months old. After the death of his first wife, Leuis married Mary Elizabeth Wood and they had three children:


At the time of death, Nov. 24, 1920, Leuis was living at the corner of Switzkill Rd. and Sickles Hill Rd. and was believed to die at home. Louis is buried in the Huntersland Christian Cemetery, [[[Huntersland]], NY.

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