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Charles was born in Berne in May of 1825, the son of Gideon Barber and Polly Nelson.[1]


He was a life-long farmer in the town of Berne and Westerlo, but now resides in Berne.[1]

Marriage and Children

Charles married Amanda M., the youngest daughter of twenty-four children born to Richard Filkins by two wives, one of whom was Catherine Angell[1]. Amanda was born on February 10, 1832.[2] They were married at about 1848.
The children of Charles and Amanda Barber were:

  • Morgan F. Barber[1]
  • Oliver J. Barber[1]
  • Sanford H. Barber[1]
  • Perry D. Barber, who died when quite young[1]
  • Frank Barber[1]
  • Ida E. Barber[1]
  • Arthur Barber, died young[1]
  • Loren C. Barber[1]
  • Jennie E. Barber who died at age eighteen[1]
  • Fred Barber[1]


Amanda Filkins Barber died December 20, 1874 [2]

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