Ball, John Peter (1775)

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Born in Berne 2 Aug 1775 son of George Ball ca. 1740 and Elisabetha Dietz (1745)[1]


He spent his life as a farmer.[2]

According to a story in Landmarks of Albany County, once while plowing in his field, during the war of 1812, he was suddenly confronted by Indians and taken prisoner, he was returned unharmed.[2]. This is undoubtedly a family legend rather than fact. There was no Indian activity of note in Albany County in the 19th Century.

Marriage & Children

He married the Elizabeth, a daughter of Ephraim Bogardus[2]
. According to his bible she was the Widow Elizabeth Flayman at the time of her marriage. Her first husband has been identified as David Flayman. [3] Among their children were:


He died in 1862, his wife survived him by several years and died in 1865 when 85 years of age.[4]

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