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Associated Exempts - 1778[1]

Whearas in and by an Act of the Legislature of the State of New York entitled, an act for Regulating the Militia of the the State of New York, it is Declaired that the Persons under the Age of Fifty five yeares, who have held Cevil or Melitary Commissions, and are not or should not be Reappointed to there Respecktive Rancks of Office, and all other Persons between the age of Fifty and Fifty five yeares who had not associated and Elected their officers and should associate them Selves in the manner in the said act mentioned, Should be Exempted from serving as part of the Enroled Melitia,

We, the Subscribers, do, therefore, in persuance of the said act hereby Promise and Engage, that we will Severally on all occations, obey the orders of our Respective Commanding Officers, and will Severally in case of Invasion [or] Incursions of the Enemy or Insurrections march to repell the Enemy or Suppress Such Insurrections in the Like manner as the Enrolled Melitia are Compelled to do as witness Our hands.

  • Capt. Corn's Van Santvoordt
  • Let. David Groesbeeck
  • 2nd {Lt.] Marte Mundertse
  • Teunis Bradt
  • Isaac Van Aernam
  • John Roseboom jur.
  • Saml Pruyn
  • Paul Hogstrasser
  • William Verplanck
  • Jon. James Abbet
  • John Cluet, Jun'r.
  • Anthony E. Bratt
  • John J: Bleecker
  • Casparus Pruyn
  • Jellis Winne
  • Wouter Deforest
  • Jno. Van Ness
  • William Dewitt
  • R. Visscher
  • Isaac Verplanck
  • Hendrick Bogert
  • Dirck Roseboom
  • Jacob Cuyler
  • Richard Lush.

A slightly different roster including the names below is printed in CP, 4:209

  • Anthony E. Bratt (?)
  • Paul Hogstrasser
  • Jacob Bleecker
  • Henry Merselis
  • Jocghem Js. Staats
  • Thomas Lansingh
  • Thomas Barrett
  • Isaac Freyer
  • Johannis L. Reddli
  • B. Visscher(?)
  • Jonathan Pettet

Another version including the names below is printed in CP, 4:241

  • Capt. Bastejan T. Vischer
  • Lucas Van Veghten
  • Johannes Marsselus
  • Edward Davis
  • David [his DF mark] Fearo
  • Willem _____
  • Abraham L. Witbeck
  • Peter Levensen
  • Fraric Reef
  • Samuel Anthony
  • First Lt. Derick Heemstrate
  • Alexander Chesney
  • Philip Van Vechten
  • John Van Woert
  • Simon Van _____
  • 2nd Lt. Chris A. Yates
  • John Harback
  • Hendrick Lyker
  • Staats Van Santvoort
  • John Tillman, Junr.
  • Carl Hanstrott
  • Ewert Van den Bergh
  • John Pattersson
  • Jacob D. Fonda
  • Peter Quackenbos
  • Abr'm N. Cuyler
  • Frederik Dampf
  • Gerrit H. Visscher
  • Comrade Ruby
  • Hendrick Gerdener

Agreed & Entred Nov'r 5th 1778.


  1. Rosters are printed in Clinton Papers 4:10, 209, 241. The text above is found on pp. 9-10. Spellings and punctuation retained but paragraphing supplied.

Individual exemptions for Benjamin Egberts, John Bogert, John Wendell, and other Albany residents are transcribed and printed in CP, 5, pp. 384-85. See also, "An Act for Regulating the Militia," passed April 3, 1778, Laws of the State of New York (Poughkeepsie, 1783), chapter 33. For more on the topic also see The Other Revolutionaries online.