Armstrong, James

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James Armstrong was born in Knox on December 10, 1811, the son of John Armstrong, Jr. (2/13/1784 - 3/14/1879) and Tahpenes Williams (10/3/1788 - 4/30/1859).


James was a farmer, who owned 200 acres of land on Knox Cave Road in Knox.

Marriage & Children

On October 17, 1833, James married Sarah Tygert (9/29/1815 - 1/26/1854) in Knox. Sarah was the youngest daughter of the 12 children of William Tygert and his wife Catherine. They had the following children:

Following Sarah's death, James married, Catherine Ann Williams (5/8/1829 - 6/8/1909) on September 9, 1854. Catherine was the daughter of Benjamin Williams and Rachel Vridenberg. They had the following children:


James died January 31, 1884, in Knox, and is buried in Knox Cemetery.


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