Adding An Image In A Template

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The template pages found in a biography section have a "default image" placed in it for you to edit. This is there so you don't have to place the code in the page, you simply just have to edit the code.

The code included in the template is:


Add your photo by replacing the text defaultimage.jpg with the file name of the picture you have uploaded (e.g. newpicture.jpg) and the code will look like this:


Then add replace the text caption in the code with your caption for the photo. (for example: My New Photo Title)

The final code would then look like this:

[[Image:newpicture.jpg|200px|thumb|left|<center>My New Photo Title</center>]]

Note: The Image name your image MUST be entered exactly the same as your filename. For help editing other parts of the code see the help section.