Adding An Image

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Adding An Image

This page will guide you through adding an image to a page on Helderberg Hilltowns Wiki that does not have the image code in it yet. If you are using a template the image code is already provided in the template, so you only have to do Steps 4 and 5.

STEP 1: Upload your image via the 'Upload File' link on the main menu.

STEP 2: Copy the below image code: (to copy: highlight it, right click and select 'copy')


STEP 3: Go to the page where you want to put your image and click the 'edit' tab on the top of the screen. Right Click in the place on the page you want the image and click on 'paste' to paste the image code you copied in Step 1. You will see then see the code you copied


STEP 4: Once you have pasted the image code in the page, change the text mynewimage.jpg to the name of the picture you uploaded. Then, change the text in the code mycaption to what you want the caption under the photo to say.

Example: if the name of the image you uploaded is JohnSmith.jpg and you want it to say John As A Baby under it, then the code should appear as below.

[[image:JohnSmith.jpg|200px|thumb|center|<center>John As A Baby</center>]]

STEP 5: Save the page.

If your image does not appear, and you cannot fix it, let one of the webmasters know and we will fix it.